Secret Sydney Walking Tours

WHY choose us?

Why take a guided walking tour when you can walk for free? We think our guided walking tours offer an insight in to Sydney that only comes with local knowledge and experience. Your Secret Sydney Walking Tours guide is a local with extensive knowledge of the city, it's history and it's stories.

The opportunity to share that knowledge, ask questions and hear local stories is what makes our tours such a great way to experience Sydney.

We limit our tours to a maximum of six walkers to ensure a very premium experience — you'll never feel like part of the herd on our tour.


Our mission at Secret Sydney Walking Tours is to offer you the opportunity to discover Sydney as you would if you were a local or 'in the know' — to unlock the secrets of Sydney.

I’ve lived in Sydney for over 20 years, and yet I’m still making new, surprising discoveries. Our aim is to give visitors and locals alike the opportunity to share these discoveries and explore some of Sydney’s secrets.
— Chris McInnes, Founder, Secret Sydney Walking Tours